Saturday, May 5, 2007


Hey this is Sarah here and I wanted to tell you about a little community thats called Whyville. This website is an awesome place to hang out and make new friends. This site is also used for learning about lots of wondeful topics. Most people I know only use it for social purposes but thats ok! Whyville teaches you math, science, reading skills, and social skills. I'm one of the people that used only use whyville to socialize. One day when my friends weren't on I went exploring and learned all these amazing things I never knew!! Whyville is like school though,if you say something inappropriate you get punished. Dont worry though you take a 12 question test about chatting and they help you and teach you what is acceptable and not acceptable for whyville. As our community grows we meet more and more diffrent people! Just yesterday i met someone who lived in France!!!! It was so cool takling to her. Our community also has style. You can go to Akbar's Face Mall and buy clothes and face parts to put on your avatar. You can build a home, buy a car, go to diffrent places in the world, and so much more!! Whyville is an amazing place that i love and i know you will too. If you want to meet me my username is lily66066 just look me up in the city records and mail me!! I love to make new friends and I'd really like to get to know everyone!! Well that's all i have for you about Whyville right now. If you want to learn more about it then go there for yourself!!! ttfn ~Sarah aka lily66066

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