Saturday, June 9, 2007


Hey its lily66066 here! tobyMac is coming to Whyville for a special concert!!!!! It's on Saturday, June 16 starting at 2 PM (Pacific Standard time) to 3 PM. At 1 PM though is the tailgate party so come on over! You can but a ticket in advance or if there is still seating when the concert begins then you will sit in regular seating at the Greek Theatre. If you are new to Whyville you get to the Greek Theatre by clicking 'City Hall' from the pull down menu then click on the sign that says 'Greek Theatre'. I'm going to be in tier 24 so if you want to sit with me buy a ticket there!! My username on Whyville is also lily66066 so dont be afraid to say hi if you see me!! Well I'll see ya there! Byee!!

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